There Really Is A Day For Everything: National Egg Day

Well excuuusee me!  Roll out the red carpet, tune up the high school bands, close off the streets, bring on the parade and take the day off – it is National Egg Day!! Yes folks, we have a day for dogs, a day for kids, a day for your hair growing or getting it cut and we also have a national egg day.  Much to our hearts content, we get the opportunity to bury you, I mean share with you all things that we love about eggs (like we needed a day for that?). 

Some factoids: Observed annually, National Egg Day provides an opportunity to honor the multifaceted egg. That is right, the egg is multifaceted – just like a light on a diamond’s multifaceted surface reflects its beauty, the beautiful egg has many facets to it (queue in the emotionally long love sigh).

Seriously though, eggs are a treat. They are truly one of the most versatile and nutrient-rich foods you can consume as part of a healthy diet. We weren’t always head-over-heels for eggs, but once our founder Bonnie cracked the code on the best way to peel a hard-boiled egg, we never looked back. Now our days are filled with thoughts of deviled eggs, savory egg salads and wondering if you can really make chocolate chip cookies using a hard-boiled egg (answer: you can, and they are surprisingly delicious). 


From health and fitness advocates looking for a quick dose of protein to family breakfasts, brunches and happy hours, eggs often make an appearance at the table. In addition to being a solid source of protein and Vitamin D, eggs also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


At the Negg® Egg Products, we’re clearly big fans of the hard-boiled egg. In fact, we’ve developed a foolproof method for cooking perfect hard boiled eggs. But we want to know – what is your favorite way to prepare and eat eggs? Head to our FacebookTwitter or Instagram to share your preference. Be sure to include “#NationalEggDay”! 


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