How much water should I put in the Negg®?
A 1/4 cup of water will do the trick.  Just fill the bottom cap to the rim.

Why did my egg disintegrated after I shook the Negg®?

Add a little more water.  If your egg broke during the cooking process, the structure of the egg has been compromised and it will break up in the Negg®.  It is possible to just shake too hard.  You big Cross-Fit guys have to dial it back a bit.  Just ask my grandson who pulverized his first egg.

Why is the shell cracked all over but the egg not sliding out?

Sometimes, but not often, we run into a reluctant peeler.  Just rolling the eggs between your fingers will release the membrane and split it so the egg can escape.  Boiled eggs will take quite a bit of abuse, but the shaking can be overdone as well.

I peeled 4 dozen eggs perfectly, but then in a new dozen had some that were reluctant to peel.

Every once in awhile we run into what we call the "reluctant peeler."  The Negg® is effective 95% of the time.  Those few can usually be coaxed out of the shell by rolling the egg between your fingers.  You will be able to see the membrane come away from the egg white, and the membrane will break allowing the egg to escape.

Is there a recommended recipe for boiling eggs to be Negg® shelled?

Sure.  You can learn how to boil an egg here.

Everyone has their own recipe, but after experimenting with countless recipes, we have a few guidelines.  Start the eggs in boiling water.  Boil for 12 minutes (large eggs), and then plunge into an ice bath to stop the cooking. 

Why do you call this the Negg®?

There was no word for a peeled hard-boiled egg, so we decided to make one up.  Negg® stands for naked egg. 

How many shakes do I need?

It varies.  Some will peel in 4 shakes and others take longer. I know it sou