The World's #1 Hard-Boiled Egg Peeler

Introducing The Negg® Deviled Egg, "Deviler" Kit
Make eggspert deviled eggs!

Are deviled eggs a family favorite? Then this is your lucky day! This "all-in-one" bundle includes the world's best selling Negg® Egg Peeler, a chef-grade 10" re-usable pastry bag, a decorative steel pastry tip and two packets of our Classic Deviled Egg Seasoning Mix (each packet makes up to two dozen deviled eggs).*

Making perfect deviled eggs has never been easier. When they ask for the recipe, just tell them it's a family secret. You don't have to say whose family!

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*Sorry, gnome not included.




Introducing the NEGG® Deviled Egg Seasoning Mixes! Now perfect deviled eggs can be whipped up in no time -- and EVERY time!
Order the 4-packet Sampler Pack that includes each of our 4 flavors, CLASSIC, CAJUN, CURRY and SMOKY HAM. Impress your guests AND save time or gift these incredible flavors to the favorite foodie on your list.

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Negg Egg Peeler-Green
Negg Egg Peeler-White
Negg Egg Peeler-Black
Negg Egg Peeler-Yellow
Negg Egg Peeler-Fuchsia Pink
Push/Nudge the Egg Out
Shake the Negg Egg Peeler
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Negg® Hard-Boiled Egg Peeler

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Negg Hard-Boiled Egg Peeler

Have you ever experienced frustration from peeling your hard-boiled eggs, only to find crunchy shell bits in your mouthful of eggs moments later? Maybe you love the tasty and nutritional benefits hard-boiled eggs have, but peeling them gets tedious and takes too much time. We certainly did until we found the simplest solution. Our hard-boiled egg nightmares disappeared with the Negg. The Negg, our hard-boiled egg peeler, provides a solution to avoid disastrous egg shell scenarios. 


This clever plastic egg peeler really works...shake up and down until the sound the egg makes diminishes.  Then it will be a cinch to peel.

The New York Times

This Miracle Hard-Boiled Egg Peeler Is the Gadget We Never Knew We Needed…Just shake—and this little device removes the eggshell in seconds.


This Is What Every Deviled Egg Lover Needs in Their Life…With a few gentle shakes, the Negg™ will allow your…hard-boiled egg to slip from its shell.


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Love the Negg®

"Wow! As an engineer, I really appreciate the Negg's® simplicity and even more so how well it works! Great job to all involved!!"


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Watch our videos and see how with a little water and a few shakes (we recommend 4-12) the shell slides off your hard-boiled eggs. The Negg® saves time in the kitchen.

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