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This clever plastic egg peeler really works...shake up and down until the sound the egg makes diminishes.  Then it will be a cinch to peel."

This Miracle Hard-Boiled Egg Peeler Is the Gadget We Never Knew We Needed…Just shake—and this little device removes the eggshell in seconds.

This Is What Every Deviled Egg Lover Needs in Their Life…With a few gentle shakes, the Negg™ will allow your…hard-boiled egg to slip from its shell.

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"Wow! As an engineer, I really appreciate the Negg's® simplicity and even more so how well it works! Great job to all involved!!"


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The Fuchsia NEGG®
The Fuchsia NEGG®
The Fuchsia NEGG®

The Fuchsia NEGG®

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For the month of October, 10% of profits from this Negg® will be donated to Susan G. Komen.

The Negg® is simply the best way to quickly and easily peel boiled eggs. The Negg® is BPA-Free.

Place your hard-boiled egg in the Negg®.  Add a little water, then SNAP on the cap, SHAKE a few times, and pour out your egg.  No need to pick at the shell - just give it a "pinch" and watch your egg slide out with ease. After the Negg® your egg is ready for salads, deviling, or as a garnish.

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easy, fast, and fun

A Magic Egg Peeler

Watch our videos and see how with a little water and a few shakes (we recommend twelve) the shell slides off your hard-boiled eggs. The Negg® saves time in the kitchen.

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NEGG® in color


Easy, Fast, and Fun - the Negg® comes in multiple colors that are all dishwasher safe.

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