So easy to use. Simply Snap, Shake and Serve! Available in five colors: yellow, white, red, black and now green.
#1 Selling Egg Peeler in the World!!! Proudly made in the USA.

Patent #9968211.


Watch this demo of the Negg® from this unique angle high above the Negg®.
You'll be amazed as the egg's shell just slides right off. Using the Negg® really is #EasyFastandFun.


WFSB Better Connecticut

Bonnie and Sheila, the principals behind the Negg® are interviewed by Scot Haney and Kara Sundlun at WFSB TV.


I have been a backyard poultry farmer since the early 80’s. Thought that I had seen every kitchen instrument known to man. Never seen anything like this Negg! Wow. Works great!

Bob F. | Fairfield, CT

I highly recommend this handy kitchen gadget. Bravo to the makers of the Negg and double BRAVO for having it manufactured in the USA!!!

Carol M. | Hawley, PA

I don't know how I ever lived without these.  Thanks so much for your awesome product."

Roger | Winnipeg, Canada

The Negg is MAGIC. My first egg took 4 shakes to come out PERFECT."

Cameron | Oakland, CA

I'm not going to lie...I LOVE this thing! ...they all peeled like a DREAM!

Diane | Buffalo, NY

Makes peeling eggs a lot more fun. Cool eggs completely and follow included instructions. Add a little water, the hard-boiled egg and shake, shake, shake. It cracks up the shell, sorry Humpty, and the shell peels right off.

Linda | Woodstock, CT

I love my Negg! I can't wait to get some more for my friends and family! The best part is for my 9 year old daughter to peel her own eggs!

PK | New Canaan, CT

Problem solved!!! We LOVE it!!!!

Emily G.

I pledged to Negg because of a funny coincidence on day I found it on Kickstarter. That morning, my friend who has 40 laying chickens was talking about how great fresh eggs were and how horrible they are to peel after being hard boiled. This friend is also very hard to find a gift for. The Negg seemed perfect. And truth is, it is perfect. My friend uses it several times a week!

Kelly | TX

Easy Peeling

Easy Egg Peeling