Problems and Solutions

If there is an easier way to do things in the kitchen, count us in. Little did we know when we started this adventure that peeling eggs was the nemesis of most home cooks. We thought peeling eggs was our personal frustration.

Using 3-D printers in our local library, we developed the prototype of today’s Negg® Egg Peeler. At that time (in 2015) it was more a proof of concept than the beginning of a business plan.

Our excitement grew when we watched our friends’ and families’ faces as they tested the first prototypes. They said things like "It's a miracle" or "This is magic" and that was enough to spark our motivation. We made our way around packaging, injection molding, shipping, TV interviews, live demonstrations, and more. An accidental business? We guess, but most cooks agree that the Negg® Egg Peeler has become a kitchen essential.

As soon as we officially launched the Negg® Egg Peeler, customers were asking, "What's next?" Our Negg® Deviled Egg Seasoning Mixes answered that question. Welcome to a totally new category, which includes co-packers, taste testers, packaging, and the world of spices. After all of our hard work, our seasonings were recently recognized with a coveted 2021 sofi™ award for Best New Seasoning and Spices. There’s more where that came from! Stay tuned, so you can be the first to know! Sheila and Bonnie


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