Say "Thank You" with a Negg®

If you're like I am and you like to procrastinate on your holiday shopping, rest assured, we're not alone.  It's often hard to find that perfect something for that perfect someone in your life.  Let me help you finish up your shopping in a snap.  

The deadline to order a Negg® and get the best egg peeler on the market delivered to your door (or your friend/family's door) by Christmas is December 19th at 3p.  Got your clicking finger ready?

Here are five people who would LOVE to get a #Negg as a gift this holiday season.

1.) Your Mother: She's been telling you for years to eat a healthy breakfast and now you can give her the gift of a healthy breakfast in a snap with just the shake of her wrist.

2.) A Teacher: How many times have you run out last minute to the store to grab a gift card for a teacher in your life?  Whether he/she is your child's teacher or an adult education class teacher the #Negg is the perfect and unique gift.

3.) Your personal trainer/fitness guru: If you're working with a trainer what better way to show them your appreciation then giving them a gift that promotes healthy eating and quick and easy protein.  

4.) Your Spouse: A significant other can often be difficult to shop for, until now.  Grab a #Negg and show them love.  They'll be happy because they can have hard boiled eggs any time and it'll be easy and you'll be happy, because they are happy.

5.) A Firefighter: In recent years, the idea of giving a gift to firefighters in your city/town has become very popular during the holidays.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to wrap up a #Negg and leave it at the firehouse so all the men and women who protect you and your property can start their day off right.

Whether you know someone really well or just want to say thanks for the year of hard work, the #Negg is the perfect gift.  


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