Make Pinterest Ready Deviled Eggs...FASTER, EASIER!

Making a tray of deviled eggs for holiday guests seems like not that big of a chore.  What's so difficult?  Boil some eggs, peel an egg (or 24), slice the eggs, and then fill the eggs.  

Let's break down the process a bit more:

Boil some eggs...not a problem.  A boiling pot of water and eggs is all you need.  DONE.

Peel an egg (or 24), here's where it gets tricky.  Peeling an egg can be a painstaking process that often ends up with shells all over the place and tears in the egg that are unsightly when serving the deviled eggs.  Luckily the #Negg can help you peel an egg faster and make it come out Pinterest ready.  Take a peak below at how it works:

See...wasn't that easy?  One egg peeled.  Now, if you need to peel 24 more, its a snap.  

Just two more steps left to your Pinterest ready deviled eggs.  Slice the egg in half.

Finally, we're moving on to filling the deviled eggs.  There are so many recipes online for deviled eggs, but this one caught our eye because it is so festive.   

Place the deviled eggs on a beautiful holiday platter, snap your picture and you'll be Pinterest-famous...or just serve them at your party and you'll be the hero of the day.


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