7 Kitchen Hacks That Make Cooking #EasyFastandFun

Anytime you can make work in the kitchen easier or more fun, you've done something pretty great. Even for folks who LOVE to cook, sometimes simple tasks like when you try to peel an egg and the shell comes off in a million different pieces can slow you down and be truly aggravating.

That's why we invented the Negg®, and why we want to share these 7 hacks to make your life a little easier in the kitchen.

1. Those pesky eggshells

When you're not making a boiled egg, but simply cracking an egg for a recipe, how do you get those pesky eggshells pieces that are floating in your bowl out? Just take a piece of the shell that you're holding and use it to scoop out the tiny little pieces to avoid going CRUNCH when your cake or brownies come out of the oven. The loose pieces of shell will actually gravitate to the larger shell you are holding.

2. Peel a banana from the bottom up

Have you ever had a hard time getting into a banana? This simple hack will change all of that. Start from the bottom and gentle press it together with two fingers and the banana will slide right out.

3. Peel citrus with ease

Digging into the peel of an orange or a lemon can be taxing on your fingernails and not to mention time consuming, but if you roll the citrus fruit or put it in the microwave for one minute, the peel will come right off.

4. Grating soft cheeses a little easier

Admittedly this one requires a little thought ahead of time, but if you're planning a meal where you'll need to grate a softer cheese, just toss it into the freezer for half an hour and it will come out being much easier to grate.

5. Speed up butter softening

Sitting around and waiting for a stick of butter to soften for a recipe can take far too long if you're racing around trying to get prepared for a party. Take a minute and slice the butter up into eight equal parts, this will mean more surface area and a faster softening time.

6. Skip the flip

If what you're baking requires that you flip it halfway through the baking process, you can avoid that step by simply preheating the baking sheet. This will eliminate the need to flip your veggies or french fries midway through the cooking process.

7. Make coffee without the coffee maker

Believe it or not there was coffee before coffee makers. You can use the same amount of coffee and water and boil it in a stovetop pan. Once it is heated up, wait four or five minutes for the grinds to settle to the bottom of the pan and you'll have delicious coffee sans coffee maker.

Sometimes in #BonniesKitchen we'll use these hacks when we're tight on time and certainly to make our lives easier. What hacks do you have when you're short on time?