Anniversary of Earth Day

Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  The original reason for Earth Day was to fight the global spread of fossil fuel usage and it reached nearly 20 million people.  This global effort now reaches hundreds of million of people encouraging responsible stewardship of the environment from people and governments alike.

Here at the Negg® we eat lots of eggs (as you may have seen) and know that every little bit helps our environment, including recycling or reusing our organic waste.  We thought we’d share a few ideas on how you can take those perfectly peeled egg shells and turn them into perfectly environmentally friendly tools.

  1. Compost your egg shells: After you’ve peeled your eggs, rinse the shells and let them dry.  Then take them out to your compost pile and sprinkle them amongst your other compost.  Egg shells add a good source of calcium to your compost pile which is good for plant growth.
  2. Eggshell candles: Yes, this is a thing.  You’ll have to crack your egg just right, but if you do, they make beautiful candles to add a little light to your night.  You can see just how to do them here.  
  3. Add eggshells to your coffee: Start by rinsing your  raw eggshells and letting them dry, then add them to your coffee to reduce bitterness and add clarity to your coffee.  You can see details here.
  4. Make them into sidewalk chalk:  Finely grind up 5-8 eggshells and mix them with 1 tsp hot water, 1 tsp of flour, and food coloring for a variety of colors.  Pack the mixture into a toilet paper roll and let dry.  Easy sidewalk chalk.

All of these great ideas can help you take a little bit of your trash out of the waste stream while also providing some valuable resources around your house.  

You can read more about the history of Earth Day here.  We hope you will celebrate the Earth and spread the word about these great ideas to reuse your eggshells.