Five Virtual Party Ideas For Cinco De Mayo

When the Mexican army defeated a powerful French army on May 5, 1862, it’s hard to believe that they were thinking one day people, all over the world, will be toasting our victory here with tall, icy margaritas.  Instead, they were probably thinking that history would certainly remember that day, and boy has it.

Cinco De Mayo will be a little bit different this year.  Instead of all of us crowding into our favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant for tall boy Margaritas and tasty enchiladas, many of us are at home for the third month straight and still looking for a way to get the celebration started.  In that vein, we thought we would put together five ideas you can use to virtually celebrate this Mexican holiday.

  1. A virtual toast: This is probably the easiest of them all.  Head to your local liquor store (safely using a mask and keeping your social distance) and grab a bottle of their finest tequila and margarita mix.  Shake up your own margaritas and FaceTime or Zoom with your friends who are toasting as well.  It’s virtual, but it will still feel like a party.
  2. Play Cinco De Mayo trivia.  Trivia is a good game to play virtually because it’s quite simple in its execution.  Have everyone who is on the “call” find some Cinco De Mayo trivia online and take turns answering it.  Before you know it you’ll be well versed in Mexican army lore.
  3. Share a tray of our tequila infused deviled eggs.  Before you get started spread the recipe to some of your friends or family members and they can make these tasty bites too.  Then toast to your celebration on May 5th.
  4. A Mexican themed dance party.  Utilize the “Share Your Audio” function on Zoom and get your crew together to dance along to some wonderful mariachi music.  This is a great one to involve the kids with.  They will delight in seeing their friends and you can relax while they dance the day away.
  5. Dinner party.  Whip up your favorite Mexican dinner, might we suggest tacos since Cinco De Mayo falls on a Tuesday this year and you can also celebrate #TacoTuesday.   Invite your friends and family over to a Zoom dinner.  

While we know these ideas aren’t the same as getting together with your friends and family for a true celebration, they will give you the feeling of being more connected to the people you love then you have felt in a while.

One final word on this, all of these ideas are better when you’re wearing a sombrero...just sayin’.