Raw or cooked?

If you've ever opened your refrigerator to find a pile of eggs that you can't remember are raw or cooked, here is a simple test. 

Because the boiled egg has a solid inside, you can spin it.  Simply place it on your counter and give it a turn as though it was a top.  Then tap the top of the egg.  A cooked egg will stop spinning.  Not so with a raw egg.  The insides will continue to spin after a light tap, and so will the egg itself.

We want to hear your tips and tricks with eggs.


  • Frank LaGreca

    My job is peeling the eggs for a deviled egg recipe. Tried the NEGG and found it to be a God-send. Well, it was time to do it again and in walked my 9 year old grandson. I had him wash his hands, showed him, one time, how to do it and off he went….a dozen eggs in about 8-10 minutes. Niftiest contraption, ever. Highly recommended.

  • Barb Wilcock

    My husband is a gadget freak and is always coming up with something new from the grommet.com. Some things are great—some not so much. When he gave this to me I was a real “Negg-sayer” because I have tried all kinds of tips and recommendations for peeling eggs and still had a tough time. We love deviled eggs, but I really dislike making them because it takes so long to peel the eggs and many times the egg looks like it has been through the war—not very pretty for serving to guests. I just got around to trying the Negg and it is truly amazing. It really works! I know it will cut down the time of making deviled eggs so much and I won’t dread making them. I love it! I will be recommending it to everyone.

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