How to Tell if an Egg is Raw or Cooked

I'm sure this has happened to most of us.  You boil up a stash of eggs for the week,  and someone trying to be helpful moves all the eggs so that they now all look the same.  Here's a quick and easy trick to telling if the eggs are indeed hard boiled.  Of course you can always crack them open.  Hmmm, that reminds me.  My father used to put a smiley face on the boiled ones.  I'm sure it was done with a lead pencil.  Ugh!  If that is not the plan here's an easy "safe" solution.

Simply place the egg on your counter and give it a turn as though it was a top. When it's in the spin, lightly tap the egg.   A cooked egg will stop spinning. Not so with a raw egg. The insides will continue to spin after a light tap, and so will the egg itself.  A raw egg will also have the wobbles when you spin it.  Like someone who stayed too long at a hen party.

We want to hear your tips and tricks with eggs.  If this had been a hard-boiled egg I would have used the Negg® Egg Peeler to "Get the Shell Outta Here."


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