How to Center Your Egg Yolks

Have you ever used the Negg® to peel an egg only to find that the yolk is not centered?  Let's think about this.  The poor little egg has been sitting on one end for days if not weeks.  That allows the egg yolk to fall to the lowest part of the egg, displacing the egg white..  Why does this matter?

If you are making deviled eggs, you may have the problem of the egg white being so thin that when you remove the egg yolk the egg white breaks.  Or when you are filling the eggs you may find that the thin piece of egg white will not hold up to the filling you are trying to add.  There is an easy fix, however.

Let's rewind and go back to when you cooked your hard-boiled eggs. While you are waiting for the water to boil (5 minutes or so), turn your egg carton upside down.  Since the egg yolk wants to float, this will allow it to float back to the middle of the egg. 



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