The Day of the Deviled Egg

One timeless appetizer certainly deserving of its own day is the tried-and-true party favorite, deviled eggs. Whether it is on the menu for the holidays or a quick mid-day snack, deviled eggs are egg-cellent any day of the week. November 2 is National Deviled Egg Day, so we are honoring the holiday with plenty of easy, fun and healthy recipes – and we encourage you to do the same!

Deviled Eggsperts
For the Negg®, classic deviled eggs serve as a special reminder of our humble beginnings. One night, our founder, Bonnie, agreed to bring them to a party, however she grew increasingly frustrated as she peeled the shells – and parts of the egg! Peeling hard-boiled eggs is one of the most dreaded tasks in the kitchen and deviled eggs look their best when the eggs are flawlessly peeled. And thus, the Negg® was hatched, making the once-avoided task fast, easy and fun. See how Bonnie makes her eggs now!

The extraordinary thing about deviled eggs is that they aren’t limited to just one recipe! Deviled eggs are a classic hors d'oeuvres with many delicious variations. Anything from avocados and bacon to lobster or smoked salmon can be included in or sprinkled on top to spruce up your deviled eggs. And the Negg® is here to help refine your culinary creations!

Favorites from the Negg®
Our "Deviled Egg Maker Kit", which includes a Negg®, our four seasoning mixes,  a chef-grade reusable piping bag and tip and one packet of 25 tasting spoons, provides the necessary tools to serve up picture-perfect  deviled eggs every time. Or you can “spice” up your eggs with the Negg®’s seasoning mixtures, available in Classic, Cajun, Curry or Smoky Ham. Not only do these products save you time and half the steps to make deviled eggs, but they’ll be good enough to pass as your own family secret.

Home cooks can also remix the traditional appetizer and deliver new crowd favorites such as deviled egg spread, served with bread or crostini, or the Negg®’s original recipe “Everything But The Bagel” deviled eggs, featuring Trader Joe’s “Everything But The Bagel” seasoning, which creates a mouth-watering crunch in each bite.

This National Deviled Egg Day, we are celebrating by serving up our favorite deviled eggs. You can check out our blog for even more recipes! Make sure to tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to share your devilishly delicious treats.


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