How To Use The Negg


Hard-boiled eggs are back on the menu. Whether it’s deviled eggs, eggs for garnish, or eggs for snacking, the Negg® egg peeler makes peeling your eggs easy, fast and fun. Place a little water in the Negg with your hard-boiled egg. Snap on the cap and give it a few shakes. The shell will separate from the egg leaving you with a perfectly peeled hard-boiled egg. Our guaranteed hard boiled egg peeler is the best way to peel a boiled egg. Stop the madness of peeling a hard boiled egg and become a Negghead – Let us help you “Get the Shell Outta Here!”

      1. Add ¼ cup of water to your hard-boiled egg peeler
      2. Add your hard-boiled egg (from an ice bath or fridge)
      3. Snap the cap and shake the egg peeler a few times
      4. Slide the shell off of your hard boiled egg- If necessary roll the egg in your fingers.  You will feel the shell come loose.
      5. No more picking at the shell. Now you’ve made peeling a boiled egg easy, fast and fun!



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