This Deviled Egg Sampler Will Impress Any Guests


When rules started to lift for the pandemic, I put on a dress for the first time in a year and drove around the neighborhood like I had somewhere to go.  I even tried on my heels.  My feet have grown two sizes since last year was the last time I actually wore "adult shoes". 

Can I wear slippers for my first outing and bag real shoes?

It should come as no shock that my first outing will be with deviled eggs in hand.  I love them and I love sharing them with my friends.  Many think this is a hard appetizer to make.  It is not and here is more good news: our deviled egg seasoning packs make it so simple to whip up a batch of these tasty treats.  Just mix the seasoning pack, the yolks, and a little mayonnaise together and then pipe them into your perfectly peeled hard-boiled eggs.  Voila!  You have the perfect party treat in no time at all.

Now get this tray of perfect deviled eggs together, strap on my favorite bunny slippers and and let's head to a real party!  

Total time to make - 25 minutes, including hard-boiling eggs.  

Yields: 24 deviled eggs






12 eggs

2/3 cup of mayonnaise

1 packet deviled egg seasonings 


  1. Hard boil 12 eggs.  Get perfectly hard-boiled eggs with this recipe.
  2. Get perfectly peeled hard-boiled eggs by using the Negg® egg peeler.
  3. Halve the eggs and scoop the egg yolk out and place in large bowl.
  4. Mash egg yolks finely
  5. Add mayonnaise  and deviled egg seasoning to mashed egg yolks (if you intend to make different flavors, separate yolks and mayonnaise into quarters.)
  6. Mix thoroughly and season to taste
  7. Pipe deviled egg mixture into each half of the eggs 
  8. SERVE!


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