Negg® Egg Peeler Four Pack
Negg® Egg Peeler Four Pack

Negg® Egg Peeler Four Pack

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Because you need a Negg® - and so do your three closest friends! The Negg® Four Pack includes one of each of the following colors: red, white, black, and yellow. Ideal for gifting and passing on the magic of easy hard-boiled egg peeling!

The Negg® is the #1 Selling Egg Peeler in the World! Proudly made in the USA. Patent #9968211. Don't be fooled by imitators.


The Negg® is simply the best way to quickly and easily peel boiled eggs. The Negg® is BPA-Free.

Bring on the deviled eggs, egg garnishes, egg salad, and quick hard-boiled eggs. With The Negg®, we have figured a way to make this super food accessible and easy.  Place your hard-boiled egg in the Negg®.  Add a little water, then SNAP on the cap, SHAKE a few times, and pour out your egg.  No need to pick at the shell - just give it a "pinch" and watch your egg slide out with ease. After The Negg® your egg is ready for salads, deviling, or as a garnish.

Instructions - Egg Peeler
  • Add ¼ cup of water to your hard boiled egg peeler
  • Add your hard boiled egg (from an ice bath or fridge)
  • Snap the cap and shake the egg peeler a few times
  • Slide the shell off of your hard boiled egg
  • No  more picking at the shell.  Now you’ve made peeling a boiled egg easy, fast and fun!

Clean with soap and warm water.
If the cap becomes too tight or loose, fill the cap with warm water and let them cool with both caps on.  The cap will reshape to the body.


Let us make this simple.  If you’re not happy, neither are we.  Please feel free to call the office with questions (203) 594-7781.  We stand behind all of our Negg products.

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