Every Fourth of July, family and friends prepare for a day, or perhaps a weekend, filled with fun and games, barbecues, drinks and the traditional fireworks display. As the country regains a sense of normalcy, celebrations of America’s birthday look much more promising this year.

Independence Day is all about America and here at the Negg® Egg Products – we’re committed to manufacturing our products in the USA all year round. Entrepreneurs with small, locally owned businesses are the backbone of our country and, unfortunately, the pandemic negatively impacted a significant portion; many of our peers face a long journey to recover from financial burdens.

Frustration to Invention
Like many inventions, the Negg® Egg Peeler was born from a moment of frustration. Our founder, Bonnie, agreed to bring a dozen deviled eggs to a party and grew increasingly irritated as she struggled to remove the shells. She initially thought her invention would be a part-time hobby, but it turned into a full-time job.

Since it hatched in 2016, the Negg® Egg Peeler has been nothing short of an American dream come true. From seeing our idea come to life via a 3D-printed prototype to becoming the world’s #1 egg peeler, we couldn’t be prouder of our small business.