We know there are those of you out there that are skeptical about the Negg™  Well, a few of you took the chance, and this is some of the feedback we have had.  These are unedited comments from our Amazon and Grommet customers.

5/23/2017: this thing is so cool. i had doubts, but it works just like it shows.

5/20/2017: OMG. I bought this just because I knew it wouldn't work. But guest what I made 1/2 dozen eggs and after I cooked the eggs I had them peeled in 30 seconds. I love it and I am buying 4 more to give to my grand-daughters.

5/20/2017: I was skeptical. I shouldn't have been. Wow. This works.

5/18/2017: As they say, I was skeptical, but I will say that this little tool works great. Almost every egg came out perfectly. It cuts the 'de-shelling' time in half!

5/17/2017: I wanted to call this review, the best thing since sliced bread, but my Amish friends really like unsliced bread.

I bought one of these little buggers, knowing that it wouldn't work. I was sure, it arrived and then I read the directions, "shake until you feel the egg soften" and rolled my eyes. Really? But as the intrepid scientist I hope to be, I hard boiled a dozen eggs, farm fresh, all layed the same day. There were less than a week old. I tried to peel 6 of the eggs the traditional way, and none emerged without blemish, 3 were nearly completely destroyed.

Then I put an egg in the Negg, and shook it, and I ... FELT THE EGG SOFTEN (the first few hits are hard and loud, but then it gets quieter and ... softer). I took it out and it peeled perfectly. I was AMAZED! At the end, 4 of them were perfect, one was slightly torn and 1 was minimally damaged, but easily usable.

WOW! I can't believe it. This really is "Almost Perfect".

5/15/2017:  My wife was a sceptic, but she's now a believer!

5/12/2017:  I saw this perusing your site ( and had my doubts it could work as well as described; but I make a lot of deviled eggs and dread the peeling process---no more! Had I known how well it worked, you could have doubled the price and I would have paid it happily. Thank you for this amazing product!

5/6/2017: Works as advertised. Who would have thought!