How To Peel A Hard-Boiled Egg

The Perfect Peel Every Time!

The days of struggling with the pesky shell of a hard-boiled egg are over. With the Negg, peeling hard-boiled eggs will become an easy and smooth process. A simple snap, shake, and serve is all you need to peel your eggs perfectly. It's easy, fast, and fun! Check out our video above on how to shell hard-boiled eggs with the Negg.

Troubleshooting Egg-Peeling Dilemmas

If you still have problems easily removing the shell from hard-boiled eggs with the Negg, we provide a couple more tips and tricks you can try below.

  1. Use older eggs. In extremely fresh eggs, the albumen (whites) sticks tightly to the inner shell membrane. This is partly due to the highly acidic environment within the egg. The easiest solution is to wait for the eggs to age a few days; this allows oxygen to enter and carbon dioxide to exit the albumen.
  2. Raise the ph levels while cooking. If you don’t have time to wait for your fresh eggs to mature, adding basic elements to your water while boiling can help your hard-boiled eggs release easier from the shell. Add some backing soda or salt to your boiling water before you add the eggs.
  3. Chill hard-boiled eggs immediately. Once the eggs cook completely, place them directly into a bowl of very cold water or an ice bath. Allow them to completely chill (about five minutes) before you attempt to remove the shell. The cold water makes the whites shrink within the rigid shell. This will give shelling of hard-boiled eggs with the Negg an extra level of security for intact eggs.

Additional Benefits of the Negg!

Made of BPA Free materials, and available in 6 vibrant colors, the NEGG® is proudly made in America. Please don’t be fooled by counterfeits The Negg® is patented (#9,968,211).

Why’d we call it NEGG® you ask? It means naked egg!