How the NEGG® Works

As Bonnie shows in the video above, The Negg is one of the simplest ways to peel boiled eggs.

Here’s how the Negg works:

OPEN-UP your clean egg gadget.

PLACE about ¼ cups water into the Negg, then add a chilled hard-boiled egg.

SNAP the top back on—make sure it’s fully sealed.

SHAKE the Negg about four to 12 times.

POUR out your egg, and remove the detached shell.

ENJOY perfectly shelled hard-boiled eggs.

Simply sprinkle with sea salt for a quick protein boost, or save and use in numerous recipes. You can make appetizers, salads, and countless side-dishes—you have a million ways to enjoy fresh, expertly peeled, hard-boiled eggs. Check out Bonnie’s Blog for quick recipe ideas for deviled-eggs, salads, and more.

Behind the Negg’s Design

Our search for egg peelers anyone could easily use at home inspired us to create the Negg. We found there were not a lot of options besides commercial egg sheller machinery. Which, unless you want 40 thousand eggs a day, are not ideal. However, we learned some important tidbits on how the machines shelled the hard-boiled eggs without damaging the them. With a grooved conveyer that shakes the eggs back and forth, and the addition of water, commercial egg machines easily remove shells.

After our research, we answered why hard-boiled eggs are hard to peel, and we worked hard to come up with our own product that solved the problem. When designing our handheld kitchen device, we took into consideration all the elements of a commercial egg peeler. Simply put, here’s how the negg works: the Negg works through sharp shakes back and forth which agitate the outer shell until it begins to fracture. Once it begins to break, the water helps to push between the egg and shell without damaging the whites.