Three Things You Need To Bring To A Holiday Party

This holiday season when you're headed to a party, whether it be a cocktail party or celebrating the holidays with your friends, there are three things you need to bring to make sure the party is one to remember.

1.) A host/hostess gift, after all the people who are throwing the party are opening up their home to you to celebrate and what better way to thank them then with a gift.

A quick note on this one though, everyone brings wine.  If you are going to a party where there are 20 people invited, the host/hostess will likely end up with 15+ bottles of wine.  Might we suggest a more practical gift, the NEGG.  It will get people talking and be a great gift for years to come.

2.) A camera.  I know, I know, we all have cameras on our phones now so it's easy to bring one, but make sure you remember to take it out and snap a few pictures to remember the evening by.  It doesn't take up much room in your purse or your pocket and you'll be happy you have a few memories from a night of fun.

3.) A change of shoes.  You can leave this one in the car, but you never know how long the party is going to go and often times after a few glasses of wine the night gets away from you and you end up chatting until all hours of the night.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a change of shoes so you can get out of those dress shoes and into something a little more comfortable?

Whether you're going to a holiday party at a friends house or a gathering of your family, these three items are essential to a good time.

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