Eggs 3 Ways Gives You Variety

There are so many ways to eat eggs,  but when you get that perfectly hard boiled egg that has a perfectly centered yolk, you don't want to just make any old dish, you want something special.

You can never go wrong with egg salad or deviled eggs, but what if you could have hard boiled eggs on a PIZZA!!  It's true you can.

Here are three ways that aren't deviled and aren't straight hard boiled eggs that you can use the perfect egg to wow your taste buds.

1.) Hard boiled eggs on a pizza:  While maybe this sounds unconventional, this pizza is one that will leave your taste buds dancing.   

2.) Ham and Potato Salad Sandwiches: Top these wonderful creations with the perfect hard boiled eggs and you'll be wondering why you hadn't tried this many years ago.

3.) Brunch Enchiladas: Whether you're a fan of lunch enchiladas or not, these might give the tasty dish a new lease on life in your recipe book.  The egg is what makes this recipe shine.

Maybe now when you peel an egg, before you think about just eating it plain or turning it into deviled eggs, you'll take a look at these tasty meals instead.

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