A Perfectly Romantic Egg Gift

Romance and eggs don't often go in the same sentence and while we think giving your sweetheart a #NEGG so she/he could peel an egg with little effort is romantic, it might not get their heart racing.

Since it is almost Valentine's Day and you're probably looking for that special gift for that special someone, might we suggest this.  

Ok, we're not ONLY suggesting you get the love of your life a pin for Valentine's Day, but the "brunch pin" is symbolic of the fact that you are going to make him/her the perfect brunch, once a month for the entire year.  That's right, the perfect brunch for the perfect someone for 12 straight months.

Here's where the #NEGG comes in.  Grab yourself a #NEGG so when you're making brunch 12 times in the coming year, you're not struggling with a hard boiled egg shell that will leave you bemoaning the "brunch pin."


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