A Dozen Love Notes INSIDE An Egg

With Valentine's Day creeping up on us, you could grab a #NEGG and peel an egg or two to bring to your loved one for breakfast in bed OR you could get crazy creative.

Could you really put love notes IN an egg without cracking the shell?  It sound like magic, but these instructions will help you do just that.

When you're loved one wakes up to start his/her morning on Valentine's Day and goes straight for the egg carton your little secret notes will be awaiting them as they crack open one egg after another.

We can't give you all the smooth words to write, but here are some suggestions you might put on the love notes you're leaving INSIDE the eggs.

1.) I love you

2.) You always leave me waking sunny side up (see what we did there?)

3.) No yolk, you're the best.

4.) They cracked the case, you stole my heart.

5.) I'm SHELLfish, I want you all to myself.

Ok we got you started.  Now you can come up with the last seven and impress your loved one this Valentine's Day with the with and charm that he/she knows you have.

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