-How we are Dyeing Easter Eggs this Year

Hard-boiled eggs are one of Easter’s favorite foods!! But before you peel them and eat them (and don’t forget we have the perfect egg peeler)--….dye them with pretty colors and designs.  Easter is one of our favorite traditions - it brings out the creative side for many and anyone can dye an egg.  Really, anyone.  No matter how old we get, the joy and fun of putting together a table filled with arts and crafts and watching the wee ones to the old ones plan out their egg dyeing techniques has always been an experience to be remembered.  To the grumpy Uncle Bob who dumps his egg into the yellow dye (and comes back 2 hours later to fish it out) so he can say he participated - to the young 3 year old Mackenzie who sits with her tongue out, egg in hand drawing intricate swirls mostly onto her fingers - there is joy present.  To that event, many won't be gathering together this year again.  But wait, before you reminisce and get sad about what we can't do.  We have an idea.  This year, we are sending our family (who are mostly grown adults and a couple of teens) Easter egg dyeing kits and we will be zooming together the night before Easter for a big Easter egg dyeing and cocktail hour.  Because, hey we are never too old to dye some good old fashioned hard-boiled eggs. 

So with that, we wanted to supply you with some fun tips:

  1. Anything goes. Grab stickers, rubber bands, permanent markers, sparkles, glue.  You name it, the crazier the idea - the better.
  2. We like to use kitchen tongs to fish out the hard-boiled eggs from the dye instead of the complicated wire spoon that always takes four tries to get out of the cup.
  3. A kitchen baking cooling rack can be used to dry the eggs.  Be sure to place parchment paper underneath the rack to catch the colorful drippings.

What we are including in our Easter Egg dyeing kit for family:

  1. A decorating kit with cups (we suggest the PAAS brand). 
  2. Vinegar
  3. Fun stickers
  4. Rubber bands
  5. A Negg® egg peeler 


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