Try This Easy Centerpiece For Your Easter Table

There are two things that will make entertaining around the holidays more enjoyable for you.  You already have a lot to do, so we're here to help you find ways to make your entertaining easy, fast, and fun.  

If you've already done your egg dying with your kids or grandkids, you can reuse the decorated eggs for your centerpiece.  If you don't have plans to dye any eggs this year you can purchase these speckled foam Easter eggs from Amazon (with a hat tip to the blog The Casual Caftlete.)

Next you'll need a wire basket or some other container that will allow it's contents to be seen, a glass vase works well too.  

The last thing you will need is some greenery.  We like the idea of using a spring flower like tulips or daffodils, but you can certainly use any greenery that you already have around the house or go purchase the perfect bouquet.

Take the container and fill it to the top with the dyed or foam eggs.  Once the eggs have taken up all the space they can, take your greenery, one stem at a time and fill in the gaps.  

Your new centerpiece will make your table look like a million bucks and have your guests comparing you to the great hosts or hostesses of our day.  

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