This #EasyFastandFun Experiment Is Perfect For Spring Break

Many kiddos are off for spring break this month.  Whether you have your kids home from school for a week or the grandkids are in town for an extra day or two, here is an #EasyFastandFun experiment you can do with them to learn a little something and have a whole lot of fun.  It has the added benefit of making #BonniesKitchen a little brighter for spring time.

We're using vegetable scraps to create a little garden that is both fun and educational for the little ones.  You can do this experiment with just about any vegetable or fruit that you have in the house.  

If you'll only have the kids around for a few days, we recommend starting with green onions which spring back to life very quickly.  You'll need to cut off the root end of the green onions from a bunch you bought at the market.  Then you'll want to fill a jar with water and place the roots inside the water.  Change the water every couple of days and by day 5 you'll have green onions sprouting out of the jar.

Another good option for this growing experiment is the crown of a pineapple.  We are so accustomed to throwing the tops of pineapples away, but instead we can snap it off the top of the fruit and then reuse it for this great experiment.  This will take a little while longer to see some results, but it's pretty fun when after about a month roots start to form.

You can do this experiment with just about any fruit or vegetable and watch them grown.  What a great way to teach your kids or grandkids about recycling and reusing the "scraps" of the food we eat.  

If you try this in your kitchen, share a photo with us and we'll get it up on our Facebook page.  


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