These Easter Egg Cookie Truffles Are Easy, Fast, and Fun!

Today, as we gear up for Easter. We're in Bonnie's Kitchen to whip up some of these eggless (gasp) Easter Egg Cookie Truffles.  These easy, fast, and fun Easter treats will have everyone ooing and ahhhing over your kitchen mastery.

Bonnie would like to thank Lisa at Wine and Glue for her thoughtful recipe of these tasty treats.  

Making these cookie truffles is super simple and while the finished product, seen below looks like a million bucks, the trick is in the taste, so don't worry if yours don't come out just right.

You'll need to following ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup of butter room temperature (see note)
  • 3/4 cups packed brown sugar
  • 2 cups all purpose flour see note
  • 2 tsps vanilla extract
  • 14 oz sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 cup mini chocolate chips
  • pink blue, purple, and white candy melts

Then follow the instructions here. 

Bonnie's Pro Tip: Don't wait to make your first batch of these on Saturday night before you have company come over.  Do a test run and involve your kids or your grandkids to help you taste test them ahead of time.  You don't want to find yourself running around last minute when they don't come out just right.

What you'll be left with our a delicious treat that you won't need to peel an egg for, but you'll get the festive Easter egg look you're hoping for and your guest's taste buds will be smiling from ear to ear.  

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