Be Aware: More Than 200 Million Eggs Recalled

We take a break from our regularly scheduled #EasyFastandFun program to make you aware of a recall that is affecting millions of eggs across the United States.  These eggs can came from a farm in North Carolina and have been linked to numerous cases of salmonella poisoning.  

States that have been impacted by this recall include:

  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Virgina
  • West Virginia

If you want to be safe you should be looking at the packaging and if you find eggs with the plant number P-1065 between the dates of 011 through 102 you should discard the eggs.  

The affected eggs have been sold to restaurants and also commercially under the following labels:

  • Coburn Farms
  • Country Daybreak
  • Food Lion
  • Glenview
  • Great Value
  • Nelms
  • Sunshine Farms

While some cases of salmonella are severe enough to cause fatalities, most cases resolve after a few days of flu like symptoms.  If you're experiencing something like that after eating eggs with the above description, consult a physician.


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