-A Simple Way to Weed out a Knock Off Product

In today's fast-paced and instant-gratification world, it is easy to get swept up into buying things quickly and cheaply without reading the fine print.  I think most of us have been there - trying to get something the next day or something that is less expensive only to be vastly disappointed upon its arrival that it wasn't what we had ordered.  

Counterfeit products are everywhere and account for over $1Trillion in sales*.  Our third party platforms have a tough time discerning a real from a fake product.  The result is unhappy customers and inventors who are left to their own devices to try to fight off the counterfeits.

This is why we have come up with 3 simple and fast ways to weed out some of the fake products.  While we do not attest to this being a bullet proof strategy to purchase authentic items, it will help you in your search for the 'real deal' as you navigate the third party platforms for what you really want.


3 Simple tricks to find authentic products

*According to The Counterfeit Report February 2021

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  • Helen Moore

    This product is the “real deal”!
    I love it!

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